Tàn Chá Chinese Restaurant in Business Bay is the ideal late-night, fine-dining restaurant in  Dubai if you need to fuel your night with an exceptional experience of wining and dining at  the finest new Chinese restaurant in town.

If there is a new emperor of Chinese cuisine in Dubai, no one deserves the title more than  Tàn Chá, a fine-dining restaurant inspired by the vibrant energy of Hong Kong and the  authentic cuisine of provincial China. The magical kitchen is headed by Chef David who has  worked at two Michelin-star restaurants and trained throughout Asia, exploring Chinese  ingredients and techniques. With his focus on quality ingredients and stunning culinary  displays using his creative techniques, he has created a landmark in the Chinese food  industry by breaking the dominance of Cantonese cooking.

Since its opening, Tàn Chá Restaurant has acquired a reputation far and wide by providing  an immersive culinary experience for any evening food cravings. With its dark and sensual  interiors, it is a not-so-secret destination just waiting to be discovered to add a new  explosion of flavours to your taste palate. Designed specifically with the adventurous in  mind, Tàn Chá provides an out-of-this-world, sensory space. It strikes the ideal balance  between the traditional and the contemporary. 

When it comes to Chinese fine dining, Tàn Chá is one of the few restaurants that can beat  downtown Hong Kong. It represents the pursuit of true food flavour.

Whether you’re looking for the best Peking duck, Cantonese classics, or reinvented  favourites, this innovative restaurant ticks all the boxes with consistently well-executed  dishes, the finest hospitality, and polished settings, appealing to individuals who are  gastronomically curious and eager to explore the new and unknown.

If you’re feeling adventurous, prepare to be wowed by a truly exceptional experience.

With in-house DJs, several unique private dining rooms, carefully curated mixed drinks, and  delicious dim sum dishes, Tàn Chá is set to bring an immersive new vibe to Business Bay.  You’ll find modern variations on traditional foods, as well as a wonderfully styled  presentation that will satisfy both your eyes and your appetite.

One of the customers’ favorite dishes is the famous fresh cucumber rolls, filled with black  superior fungus and topped with tangy white balsamic pearls in a spicy Szechuan sauce. Are  you curious as to why? Discover it for yourself by tasting the city’s finest delicacies. To top it  off and stay true to the authentic nature of Tàn Chá, each dish is presented with custom  chopsticks. The experience delivers a contrast that builds intrigue and shows our love for  the unexpected.

Tàn Chá is known for its dynamic late-night atmosphere and is home to one of the city’s  greatest fine-dining restaurants. This restaurant is a must-visit if you’re looking for the  perfect restaurant and lounge to enjoy your evening in a high-class setting, with impeccable  service, gorgeous low-lights, and exceptional food.

It’s a whole other world after hours when suit-clad businessmen and fashionably heeled  women dine cuisines designed by the industry’s leading culinary experts before moving to  the bustling bar to carry on the party.

– Guest Blog by Stephanie Hughes