The UAE National Day is a time for all to rejoice. December 2 marks one of the most important days in the nation’s calendar, a day of celebration of the historic moments that define the unification of the seven Emirates under one name and one identity, leading towards a better future. Citizens and expatriates alike welcome the momentous day with joy and excitement to honor the land they call home and pay tribute to not only its cosmopolitan culture of hospitality, unity, and geniality, but also its rapid and exponential progress and its position amongst other countries around the world.

The National Day long weekend is an opportunity to allow yourself to let loose and indulge in the nationwide festivities celebrating the spirit of oneness. This year, marking 51 years since unification, the period of holidays is the perfect time to spend time with family and friends and plan fun trips and activities to do. And we have just the place in mind.

Tàn Chá is the perfect destination for any kind of celebration, especially one as remarkable as this. Bring your loved ones on an exceptional culinary escapade with good food and vibes nestled into a gorgeous and convivial setting. Tucked away in the heart of Business Bay, Tàn Chá is an upscale Asian venue unlike any other in the city, bringing you unmatched service and delectable fare. Tàn Chá is a place where food becomes a common language, bringing together all the very components that make Chinese cuisine internationally acclaimed. Where the spirit of community, innovation and passion thrives, a unique kind of gastronomic experience emerges, one that surpasses tradition.

Tàn Chá’s charming and thoughtful menu parallels the restaurant’s intricately designed interior. Enjoy our elaborate art installations and Chinese-inspired wallpapers that juxtapose with the low lighting of the beautiful interiors, forming an extravagant spectacle to behold. Immerse yourself in a full sensory experience with a lively ambiance featuring in-house tunes curated by our DJ crew inside a captivating and delightful environment abundant in personality.

At night, the terrace undergoes a magical metamorphosis where the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes transport you into a realm that transcends the senses. Pair your meals with our specialty signature cocktails and drink to your heart’s delight while the cool night air caresses your face.  

This is your chance to explore dishes prepared our leading culinary masters, a show of expertise that engages the mind and palate alike, inspired by the tastes of the urban side of downtown Hong Kong and the traditional flavours and textures of provincial China. Let us take you on a journey full of intrigue that fuses the traditional and the contemporary and challenges your expectations. From sleek interiors to immaculate food with an innovative flare, Tàn Chá has rightfully earned its reputation as an exceptional restaurant providing unforgettable culinary adventures.