The culinary industry might be one where head chefs make the headlines and teamwork often goes unnoticed, but for chef David, teamwork is what has made Tàn Chá, located on Sheikh Zayed road, a top fine dining restaurant in Dubai. 

Pang also acknowledges that proper leadership goes a long way when it comes to the morale of the team. “When a person achieves a goal, personal or work-related, they feel a rush of achievement, and that good feeling is only amplified when others recognize and acknowledge the achievement as well.”

Pang believes that a supportive working environment is what has allowed the Tàn Chá kitchen, arguably the best Asian cuisine in Dubai, to gain quite a reputation since its opening this spring.

Regarding Gault&Millau he says, “To be recognized by such a prestigious international guide in a relatively short space of time showcases the hard work and dedication the team commit to each day and is an honor to all of us. It means that we are doing something right and it’s a recognition that goes a long way – the kind of recognition that can only be tied to more than just performance. It is a celebration of the effort made by my team and will motivate us to go above and beyond and to create a stronger emotional connection with the brand.”

The UAE’s plethora of significant international awards bodies allows for higher standards across the region after Pang arrived at Tàn Chá with an abundance of international fine dining experience at his belt.

However, Tàn Chá’s head chef is not so concerned about winning awards as much as raising the standards and exceeding the expectations of diners while inspiring his team towards reaching greater heights, allowing them to achieve Michelin-Guide-restaurant status.

For Pang, it is about the happiness of preparing a beautiful, delicious dish; not for the fame, not for social media recognition, but for giving people something they would love and cherish.

In his opinion, being a chef is not only about cooking abilities and techniques; it’s about tapping into traditions and turning every single ingredient into edible works of art. And the possibilities are copious. This has been Pang’s philosophy for a long time.