A quintessential part of Chinese cuisine, the wok, which translates as “cooking pot” in Cantonese, is believed to have been invented around 2000 years ago. Whether for its versatility, its inexpensiveness, or its convenience, we are not sure why, or by whom, the wok was invented. The Mongols, a group of nomads, are said to have carried woks with them as they travelled, introducing them to the different cultures they met along the way. That is probably how we have come to know the ever-popular cooking utensil we all adore.

Tàn Chá features plenty of wok dishes in its menu, and thanks to our team, comprised of ingenious culinary experts, we always find creative ways to draw inspiration from the past and transform traditions by adding our own contemporary twist to them. Our specialty is to fuse Chinese cooking with fine dining, a contrast of authentic flavors and culinary excellence that reflects our love for innovation and creates a sense of intrigue amongst our guests.

Our Breath of the Wok menu boasts over 10 delectable platters with the perfect combination of complementary ingredients carefully chosen by our wonderful chefs. Begin with the first plate of Braised Seafood Claypot featuring prawn, squid, seabass, tender and creamy Hokkaido scallop, ridge gourd and bean curd in a rich pumpkin stock. Another wonderful dish is the Steamed Wild Seabass, a light and delicate steamed sea bass served with crispy bean curd and green ginger sauce. Hokkaido Scallop in Xo Sauce with shitake mushroom and delightfully crisp and sweet sugar snap in a spicy seafood sauce packed with umami flavors. You may want to opt for Grilled Lamb Chops in Mongolian Sauce: tender, succulent lamb cutlets with mild and crunchy enoki mushroom. And you definitely can’t go wrong with a classic Sweet & Sour Chicken in Candied Walnuts made with a crispy chicken thigh and mixed capsicum cubes in a sweet & sour sauce.

Vegetarians will be delighted to see the riveting selections of vegetable and tofu dishes that even meat-lovers will want to try! Start with the Honey Spiced Grilled Tofu, an appetizing crispy bean curd topped with ginger and kale, wok fried in a spicy sauce. A popular Chinese dish from Sichuan Province known for its fiery red sauce, our Ma Po Tofu is classically made with an authentic taste that features soft tofu cooked in a rich, spicy, and savory sauce that is full of aroma. We added Zha Cai pickle for the combination of spicy, sour, and salty flavors and the crunchy, yet tender, texture. Another Sichuanese-inspired plate is one made with a naturally smoky aubergine, dredged in crispy coconut crumbs, served with omni pickles that will make you want to savor every bite.

Come enjoy a magical night at Tàn Chá where originality and imagination thrive. Sip on some refreshing cocktails while you take in the beautiful and electric ambiance of the interior. With an abundance of rooms, platters, and beverages to choose from – and some lively tunes to sway to – your visit will be simply phenomenal.