What better way to celebrate your birthday or engagement than to visit Tàn Chá, and enjoy the best Asian cuisine in Dubai.

Here, you and your loved ones can eat like an Emperor, in surroundings that have been specifically designed to transport you to another world.  The decor of our restaurant evokes the atmosphere of a fine dining room such as you might find in Hong Kong.   

But eat like an Emperor? Really? Yes!  A bold claim that we think is justified – we serve what we regard as the best Peking Duck in Dubai.  

The dish originated in the imperial kitchens of Ming Dynasty China. Obviously a delicacy, a central aspect of Chinese cuisine, it has also taken on a wider cultural and historical significance.  

Eat like an Emperor at Tàn Chá - Best Peking Duck in Dubai

It is said that Peking Duck was created by a chef who wanted to impress the emperor with a unique and delicious dish. The duck was slow-roasted over fruitwood, giving it a distinct smoky flavour and a crisp skin. Over time, it became a staple of imperial banquets and was also served to guests at royal feasts.

It is this legacy that inspired Chef David to create his signature dish – the Peking Duck Platter.  We are very proud that our duck is cooked using an extremely traditional, historic technique, typically only employed by the very best chefs within China.

Chef David has brought this process to Tàn Chá and used it as the foundation of his wonderful creation. Over the course of several days, air is blown into the duck, it is dry aged in a  humidity-controlled room, and then wood roasted.  It is this dedication and attention to detail that makes Tàn Chá by far the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai and earned us a place in the prestigious Michelin guide.

In imperial China thin pancakes were considered a symbol of wealth and sophistication. The Emperor would be seen wrapping a piece of duck in a pancake with the traditional accompaniment of scallions with a little sauce.

At Tàn Chá, in keeping with our reputation as the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai​ we have elevated things to the next level.

Each part of the duck is enjoyed in a different way:  the crispy skin can be eaten on its own or can be devoured with aromatic flavours.  The rest is served in traditional style, with a generous dollop of our signature Sweet Bean Sauce, Foie Gras Sauce, and Preserved Lemon Sauce.  

As you would expect, all of this paired with a generous stack of pancakes, fit for the Emperor in your family. But we wouldn’t be the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai if we just left it there!  For an added optional imperial flourish, our already sumptuous dish can be topped with caviar to give a satisfying umami punch.

Of course, the Peking Duck is just one of the many miraculous dishes created by Chef David. For example, who can resist our tea smoked Crispy Skin Chicken, served with a wonderful sauce made with roasted garlic chicken with jasmine tea. It is inventive combinations like this that have helped cement our reputation as the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai.

We would be honoured to host your next important celebration and look forward to seeing you soon.