Tàn Chá has garnered quite a reputation for its feature in the esteemed Michelin Guide, already earning a spot among the impressive array of Michelin-selected restaurants as best-rated Chinese fine-dining destination in Dubai. This prestigious restaurant presents authentic, contemporary Chinese cooking at the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, where tastefully decorated dishes are met with exceptional service and exemplary culinary standards.

Showcasing the mastery of the chefs, our diverse menu offers a wonderful selection of deliciously innovative fare, featuring exciting and imaginative dishes that are great for sharing, along with some spectacular signature cocktails to cool down with. Bring your family, friends and loved ones over for an unforgettable lunch and make sure to try our most popular dishes.

For starters, begin with a Hot & Sour Soup of prawn and scallop silk with bamboo shoot, Szechuan pickle, black and superior fungus. Try the Prawn Spring Rolls wrapped in Feuillet De Brick Pastry with a chili and lime dressing or opt for the vegetarian counterpart consisting of cabbage, carrot, glass noodle, spring onion served with a hot bean sauce.

For the main course, our Whole Peking Duck is our signature and a crowd-favorite: a decadent classic crispy skinned peking duck served the Tàn Chá way with sweet bean sauce, foie gras sauce, and preserved lemon sauce, served with or without caviar. Our Tea Smoked Crispy Skin Chicken is also highly recommended, a roasted garlic chicken with jasmine tea sauce and Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, an authentic Chinese rose wine.

Available daily 1pm-3pm, Monday to Friday: AED 120 per person (two courses) or AED 170 per person (three courses).

The weekends are catered to Tàn Chá’s well-loved dim sum brunch with over twenty varieties of dim sum offered, highlighting the chef’s dedication to the craft. Made with the utmost precision and care, each bun is filled with the right complementary ingredients and transformed into delectable artwork. In keeping with traditional Chinese cuisine, we offer a vast selection of tea to accompany your dim sum which our proficient tea sommelier can help you navigate.

Saturday – Sunday, Dim Sum lunch + tea at AED 250.

An upscale Asian venue unlike any other in the city, Tàn Chá brings you an unmatched full sensory experience with a lively ambiance featuring in-house tunes curated by our DJ crew. Admire original elaborate art installations designed by brilliant artist Grégoire A. Meyer, which contrast with the low lighting of the interior to create a mesmerizing spectacle for the eyes. Tàn Chá manages to achieve the ultimate goal of fusing Chinese cuisine with fine dining, a combination of authentic taste and culinary perfection through an avant-garde mix of flavors and ingredients. Come join us at tan cha for a sublime experience.