In the words of our chef: “Life is a flavour, heightened by the senses.” The tastes of Chinese food are traditionally categorised into five flavours: sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the harmony of the five flavours not only improves the delectable taste of the food but also helps achieve balance. 

Dim Sum is a hearty and comforting soul food, known and loved by all. In traditional Chinese cuisine, dim sum is a meal of dumplings accompanied by other small plates and tea. As with Spanish tapas, the dishes are shared among family members and friends. Carrying forward Tàn Chá’s dynamic spirit, our inventive chefs have perfectly fused the traditional flavours and textures of Chinese cuisine with a twist of Tàn Chá’s signature ingenuity.  

Our menu includes a broad and eclectic selection of dim sum curated for every flavour your heart and soul desire. Vegans and vegetarians will also delight in our vast plant-based dim sum options! Each bun is a work of art made with the utmost care by our chefs, who ensure it is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. With a perfect filling-to-bun ratio, we make the ideal dim sum, with each ingredient meticulously chosen to complement the other.  

We are excited to share our new Five Tastes of Life menu featuring Tàn Chá’s signature dim sum selections. Thoughtfully constructed, the Five Tastes of Life is perfectly balanced to restore your palate with sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and salty dim sum best eaten all together. The journey starts with Sour, in the form of our Teochew Province Grouper Dumpling served with pickled sour ginger. Because everyone needs Sweet in life, we have created the divine Ostrich Preserved Vegetable Puff made up of ostrich and mince and braised sweet mui choy in Agaricus. For those with an affinity for Bitter, we offer our wonderful Wagyu Beef Puff with bitter melon and black bean sauce. If you love Spicy, our Sichuan Province ‘Mala’ Octopus Dumpling made with Hokkaido octopus and Sichuan peppercorn lotus root will deliver the heat you seek. The final taste of life is Salty, presented as a beautifully Salted Egg Chicken Glutinous Rice Wrap with dried shrimp, shiitake mushroom, and bamboo leaf. 

Following our Five Tastes of Life selections, our dim sum menu features a wide variety of dumplings and dim sums for a lovely gathering with your loved ones. Charm your palate with the Truffle mushroom bun, a savory croissant shaped into a realistic mushroom shape stuffed with oysters, shitakes, and black truffles, resulting in a stunning presentation. For those who love whimsy, we recommend our Bumblebee wagyu beef buns shaped into fun bumblebees and served with a Szechuan honey sauce. Young or old, our menu is sure to delight everyone at your table.

In the spirit of Chinese tradition, dim sum is a meal best shared amongst family and friends. Bring your loved ones on an exceptional culinary escapade with good food and vibes nestled into a gorgeous and jovial setting. Tàn Chá is the perfect place for any kind of celebration, big and small.