Summer offers many fun and beautiful outdoor opportunities in Dubai, from swimming and lounging on JBR Beach to exploring Dubai Safari Park and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. If you find yourself seeking a reprieve from the summer sun, join us at Tàn Chá to immerse yourself in a sublime Chinese culinary experience intricately prepared with high-quality, natural, and fresh ingredients in a space overflowing with Asian glamour.

Located in the heart of Business Bay, Tàn Chá is a chinese restaurant that offers itself as both a calming oasis and delectable destination, brimming with wonderfully aromatic and luscious tastes straight from diverse Chinese provinces. Inspired by traditional Chinese flavors and textures, Tàn Chá sets itself apart with its innovative and contemporary menu, offering everything from inventive aperitifs, delicate raw dishes, savory soups, indulgent dim sum, rich wok entrees, and mouthwatering rice and noodle dishes. Tasting our Chefs’ Signature Peking Duck with a delicious medley of sweet bean, foie gras, and preserved lemon sauces and the Tea Smoked Crispy Skin Chicken with a jasmine tea sauce should be at the top of every culinary connoisseur’s list!

We work to craft menus that are highly imaginative, feature fresh and seasonal flavors, quench your thirst for originality, and feed your soul.

Our secret to creating unforgettable epicurean experiences starts with our ingredients. Freshly sourced, our dishes are bursting with incredible flavors which feed and satisfy all your senses. Developed by our esteemed chefs, our menus follow the phases of the year, changing to introduce new flavors and capture the essence of each season. Tàn Chá is reminiscent of the urban side of downtown Hong Kong infused with the splendor of Dubai. With its cross-cultural ambiance and inspiring character, it is the ideal setting for your lunch or dinner. Guided by the mastery of the industry’s foremost chefs, we guarantee the best Chinese fare you have ever had in the most beautiful setting, all offered at an affordable price point. 

In addition to Tàn Chá’s reputation as Dubai’s premier fine dining destination, it is famous for its lively after-hours scene with an in-house DJ to keep the beat steady as the day drifts into night. Start or end your evening in our lounge with a cunningly curated and crisp cocktail by our creative mixology staff. Whether you are looking for a romantic, intimate dinner featuring divine delicacies or a jovial get-together to imbibe and share succulent dishes amongst friends, we can accommodate your needs with our unique fine dining restaurant  rooms and provide the perfect setting for the evening you envision. 

At Tàn Chá, we aim to provide you with a complete sensory experience. On top of our live music and popular fare, you can treat your eyes to elaborate art installations, vibrant wallpapers inspired by Chinese culture, lounge bars and exceptional views of downtown Dubai. With a menu and space which presents traditional and contemporary influences, we hope you feel the reflection of our love for the unexpected and our exploration of intrigue. Our authentic chinese restaurant is designed for memorable evenings meant to be savored in every way.

Escape the sun and experience summer with us in the Tàn Chá way: with unparalleled service, lavish settings, convivial evenings, and unrivaled culinary adventures.