If you’re looking to spend the night out while relishing some of the most delicious Asian platters in the city, then look no further than Michelin-starred Tàn Chá. Channeling the culinary diversity and urban energy of downtown Hong Kong, with a contemporary twist featuring the elegance and opulence of Dubai, this upscale venue, located in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay, is an all-round immersive experience that offers something truly unique through the combination of its food, music, and aesthetic.

The interior is cool and sleek, combining traditionalism and unconventionality, making way for a sophisticated yet electrifying space characterized by extravagance with an Asian twist, and dim lights contrasting with neon beams that flood the roof with light, making it glow splendidly. Prepare to be taken away by the vibrant array of colors and artful design. Each room in the restaurant has its own personality; from the decor of old Chinese murals to the barroom that appears to be submerged.

The upbeat venue is most atmospheric at night, boasting a first-floor terrace that offers panoramic waterfront views over the Dubai canal. Tàn Chá’s own in-house Dj’s make sure to set the vibe all throughout the evening, creating an energetic atmosphere that you can dance to while delighting in the inventive dishes meticulously prepared by our talented chefs. Leave your taste buds at home because the menu will pleasantly transform your palate into a realm you could not have imagined. Pair your food with our specialty, signature cocktails and enjoy a drink or 2 outside while the cool air caresses your face.

Craving the famous nightlife of Hong Kong? A Saturday night is best celebrated at Tàn Chá. Start your adventure, experience the weekend Tàn Chá style! You might be coming for the exquisite food, but you’ll surely want to stay for the music. Book a table at our beautiful terrace. It’s a journey for all the senses an all-consuming sensual experience, designed precisely with the adventurous in mind. Explore dishes prepared by the industry’s leading culinary experts, a show of mastery of the Chinese cuisine that engages the mind as well as the palate, inspired by the energy of downtown Hong Kong and fusing traditional flavors of provincial China. Tàn Chá’s menu creates intrigue and reflects our love for the unexpected.

Let us take you on a journey of exploration of the traditional and the contemporary, the refined and the niche. It is perfection at every step. From beautiful interiors to excellent food and a vast, creative cocktail menu, Tàn Chá provides an exceptional experience with our immersive after-hours programme that will give you a night to remember.