Whether you’re visiting the Olympic-sized ice rink, exploring Ski Dubai, or relaxing and enjoying a swim at JBR beach, a summer in Dubai is one worth experiencing. If you’re looking for an escape from the unrelenting heat, quench your thirst for adventure with our wonderful range of innovative cocktails this season.

Our menu is a beautiful work of art inspired by the journey of a small crane across an imaginative and colorful landscape. It takes you along on a luxurious experience whereby our protagonist, the little crane, learns to overcome challenges linked with each Chinese-inspired mythological creature or deity. Each of the characters is paired with a particular spirit, creating an immersive tale full of moral lessons that one will duly appreciate.

The sheer charm of our menu parallels the intricacy and meticulousness with which the restaurant’s interior was designed.

We begin our first flight from the nest with ‘Gliding on the Wind’, a wonderful concoction of chamomile vodka, litchi shrub and soda water. You can opt for the romanticism of ‘A Song to the Moon Princess’, a goji berry-based drink that complements the idyllic ambiance of the restaurant. Try ‘Finding the Hidden Dragon’, a Genever spirited drink presenting a blend of malt wine, a botanical distillate of coriander, caraway and aniseed and juniper that is sure to please a sophisticated palate. Dare to try ‘Taming the Crouching Tiger’ made with a premium Chilean Pisco made from aromatic Muscat grapes sourced from Chile’s northern Elqui and Limari valleys, mixed with sherry and guava-flavored soda. Have a laugh while sipping on ‘A Prank on the Monkey King’, a jovial mix of Bacardi, fine cognac and orange-flavored liqueur, cardamom, and maple syrup. Unwind from a hectic workday with ‘The Lazy Panda’ made with coconut and pineapple rum. And who ever said you can’t enjoy your afternoon tea during happy hour? ‘Helping the White Rabbit’ is a minty, refreshing blend of Green Tea Gin, Jasmin Tea syrup and lemon juice.

Life is all about finding pleasure in the little things, and nothing sounds more pleasurable than ‘The Treasure of Two Rainbows’, a sweet, fruity, floral vodka that perfectly complements a gorgeous summer day. For the whiskey lovers, blended scotch, exotic citrus, with the untamed spirit of Islay. And finally, conclude your adventure with a celebration of hand-harvested blue Weber agave, naturally fermented, double distilled and aged in white oak barrels in ‘Meeting the Golden Ox’.

If you’re not feeling adventurous, there is an extensive selection of spirits, along with the classics that everyone knows and loves: cosmopolitans, martinis, mai tais, you name it!

And who says you need alcohol to have a good time? You won’t miss out with our mouthwatering mocktails curated purely for your enjoyment.

Whether you are starting or ending your evening in our lounge, we have an endless choice of cocktails carefully selected by our mixology staff to suit each and every taste. The superb drinking experience is complemented by the vibrant in-house entertainment, setting the vibes with live music throughout the day. Aside from our live music and a magnificent culinary experience, you can admire elaborate art installations, Chinese-inspired wallpaper, and breathtaking views of downtown Dubai.

Tàn Chá is all about unmatched service, a lively ambiance, opulent comfort, and an all-around unforgettable escapade.