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‘Table 8’ – Chef’s Table

Tan Cha Private Dining

Tàn Chá unveils Table 8, a scintillating Omakase-style private dining experience. 

Tàn Chá elevates Chinese cuisine to an artform with a sensorial menu of 18 exquisite tastes, served in a private dining space.

Tàn Chá’s Chef David Pang continues to push the boundaries of Chinese cuisine in Dubai and beyond, with the launch of its ultra-exclusive private dining experience Table 8 by Tàn Chá.

Set within a chinois private dining space, this sensorial experience is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of ‘omakase’, where the menu is left entirely in the hands of the chef and the whim of the seasons.

At Table 8 by Tàn Chá, acclaimed chef David Pang translates the Japanese omakase custom through a contemporary Chinese lens, crafting a scintillating 11-course menu spanning 18 distinctive tastes – the first of its kind in Dubai.

Check your preconceptions of Chinese cuisine at the door, for once you step into the richly decorated private dining room, you will be taken on a culinary journey that transports you from the bustling seafood markets of Hong Kong to the piquant delights of Sichuan province, Beijing’s richly rewarding Peking duck, and beyond. Chef Pang is a master at intricately layering flavours and textures to create contemporary Chinese dishes that are truly one of a kind.

Priced at AED 888 per person for 18 individual tastes, the ultra-premium menu showcases the finest seasonal ingredients from around the world, from buttery Japanese A5 wagyu and plump Hokkaido scallops to jellyfish, lobster and French foie gras, enlivened with locally grown herbs and freshly shaved truffles.

Just as Chef Pang has cherry-picked the finest ingredients from around the world, so too has esteemed sommelier Jean Michel Thomas for his exceptional drinks offering. Priced at an additional AED 888 per person, Table 8’s premium drinks pairing takes the dining experience to stratospheric new heights. From the welcome cocktail and palate-cleansing teas to 11 different wine matches, each sip has been specially selected to complement, enhance and elevate the artistry on the plate.

At Table 8 by Tàn Chá, the culinary theatre takes place on the plate, allowing you and your guests to be fully immersed in this private dining experience. Seating 8 to 12 guests, the intimate space is hidden behind Tàn Chá’s carved timber screens and plush curtains, creating a secluded enclave where you are in complete control of the atmosphere. Throw open the gilded birdcage for a view into the bustling kitchen, where the sizzle of the work and the chatter of the chefs provides a dynamic soundtrack to this immersive experience.

Bookings are now open for reservations of 8 to 12 guests at Table 8 by Tàn Chá, with 48 hours’ notice required. 

Reservations: +971 56 681 888

Tan Cha Chef David - Michelin
Chef sommelier Tan Cha jean Michel