Looking for somewhere unique, charming, and intimate to take your significant other? There is nothing more special than sharing a fabulous meal with the one you love, but the usual dinner dates can get boring. Break out of the dull monotony of a typical bistro and dive into the innovative world of Tàn Chá. Inspired by the fusion of the spirit of downtown Hong Kong and the traditional natural flavors and textures of provincial China, Tàn Chá brings you exquisite cooking in a charming and vibrant setting that will woo you before you’ve even sat down, making it the perfect choice for your next amorous encounter.

Spectacular views, exceptional food, and stellar service, all set in a sleek and intimate interior where the raw nature of traditional Asian décor contrasts with contemporary sophistication and luxury. Each room manages to ignite and rekindle a spark with its own electrifying character exuding a warm aura of romance, featuring artistic wall designs, romantic lighting and intricate color patterns that beautifully tie the entire place together with an alluring overarching aesthetic. The gorgeous terrace is a prime location boasting pride of place with its stunning panoramic waterfront views over the Dubai canal, perfect for enjoying a couple of delicious drinks while basking in the moon’s soft glow in the cool night air and swaying to the lively tunes of the DJ.

Turn your next date into an adventure. Impress your partner and prepare to be dazzled yourself by a meticulously curated menu and a wide selection of inventive cocktails served alongside a background of breathtaking views of Dubai. Allow yourself to be fully immersed into an unparalleled sensory experience while exploring the new and unseen across a menu of exalted Chinese-inspired dishes that caters to the gastronomically adventurous. Whimsically decorated platters look just as remarkable as they taste, as our seasoned culinary experts make sure to add every bit of their creativity and mastery into their dishes.

Tàn Chá is all about sharing our passion for food. Nestled into the heart of Business Bay, its seamless service is only matched by its fine Chinese cuisine. Let us take you on an unforgettable escapade, a night you and your partner will always remember. Our menu, which features endlessly indulgent dishes from savory and sweet to spicy and sour, reflects our love for and fascination with the art of gastronomy. Our mission as always is to achieve culinary perfection by creating authentic traditional food through the modern angle of fine dining.  Be it your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just because, you’ll always be well attended to at Tàn Chá.