Tucked away in the heart of Business Bay is a restaurant where the ethos of community and culinary adventure connect and give rise to a unique kind of Chinese cooking that doesn’t abandon its roots. Rather, it builds upon and transcends tradition, creating something truly extraordinary in the process.

At Tàn Chá, we constantly strive to enrich your culinary escapade with delightful and innovative dishes, to continuously challenge your expectations – and your palate. Ever since we embarked on our first journey, we have devoted our time and effort into welcoming food enthusiasts from all around the world into a captivating setting with abundant character. When we came up with a design for our concept, we already had a general notion of the intention we wanted to set with Table 8 before it ever came to life, and we have a good feeling that what will unfold might just become our most remarkable endeavor as of yet.

Based loosely on the idea of Omakase in Japanese cuisine, derived from the phrase Omakase shimasu which translates to “I trust you, chef,” we designed Table 8 with the essence of exploration in mind. In the same spirit as Omakase dining, where the chef curates a bespoke menu based on the freshest ingredients available that day and the diner’s reaction to the initial course and so on, our menu will be reinvented seasonally and each version will pay homage to one, or a multiple of, 8 regional cuisines that come out of the 23 provinces of modern-day China. It could be argued by the younger generation that there are actually 14 regional cuisines, and we will venture to explore them all – Tàn Chá style!

The event consists of an 18-dish menu divided into several courses and paired with a supplementary beverage program to complement each course. The night is catered for the gastronomically adventurous so the menu will only be revealed on the day of the event, and our proficient team will helpfully guide you through each course and pairing. Get ready for an experience unlike any other. After all, you are in the masterful hands of the industry’s leading culinary experts.

We are constantly making strides, pushing boundaries, and redefining our image. With an imagination that knowns no bounds, and a great deal of finesse, Tàn Chá is the quintessence of excellence and elegance. Home to elaborate art installations and extravagant floating lights, our restaurant is the top destination for an immersive experience that will rouse all your senses through its combination of authentic and contemporary Chinese flavors, and a lively and artistic ambiance. Book your table and leave the rest up to us, we’ll make sure your visit is unforgettable.