Chef David Pang’s passion for exquisite cuisine has led him to create the greatest Peking  Duck in Dubai. He has established his own style of celebrating ingredients through their fluid  application in a variety of recipes.

With his keen sense of taste and texture, he has experimented with a variety of techniques  and ingredients in search of the perfect combination of scents and flavours, to create the  most delectable Peking duck dish. 

If you are looking for a hidden gem with multiple private rooms, an extraordinary culinary  experience, and an exploration of the perfect ambiance to enjoy a vibrant evening with  friends and family, you must visit Tàn Chá Restaurant in Business Bay, and of course, you  must order and prepare to tempt your tastebuds with the Peking Duck Platter.

If you’ve ever wondered where this delicacy came from, it’s claimed to have originated in  the 13th century in Hangzhou, not far from Shanghai. The roast duck was one of the cooked  delicacies supplied door-to-door by street vendors, and it became a staple of neighbouring  Nanjing, the first capital of the Ming dynasty. Allegedly, it was only after 1420, when the  Yongle emperor moved his capital to Beijing, that roast duck found its way to the city. It was  originally called ‘Jinling roast duck’ (Jinling being an archaic name for Nanjing). Over time,  chefs in Beijing cultivated a local breed that became noted for its snowy-white feathers, thin  skin, and sensitive flesh, and was considered considerably superior to Nanjing ducks.

In the earliest days of Chinese roast duck, in the southern capital, Nanjing, they began  roasting them in a menlu (an enclosed oven), so that many ducks could be cooked at once.  The cooks would start a fire in the center, and once it was reduced to smouldering embers,  they’d hang four ducks inside each opening, close the oven doors, and then reopen them  about an hour later, once all the ducks were roasted. Although, the birds are now roasted in  gas ovens.

During the Qing era, chefs began roasting their ducks in a new type of ‘hanging oven’ known  as a gualu, which allowed them to cook the birds one at a time, to order. This new way  quickly surpassed the menlu and is now synonymous with the best Peking duck.

Today, our Peking duck is extremely unique because it employs the most traditional Beijing  technique of blowing air into the duck, dry aging in a humidity-controlled room, and then  wood roasting. A process that takes several days and is rarely seen outside of China, our  very own Chef David Pang has brought it to Dubai. 

The Classic Crispy Skinned Peking Duck Served the TÀN CHÁ Way with Sweet Bean Sauce,  Foie Gras Sauce, and Preserved Lemon Sauce is the best way to get the most out of a one of-a-kind dining experience. Chef David is proud with his rendition of this masterpiece. It’s a  work of art created with his attention to detail, originality, passion for produce, and careful  presentation skills, making it a meal that stands out on the culinary front.